5 Best Stretches for Hip Pain

Updated: May 13

Hip pain can be a debilitating part of many people’s daily lives. The hip joint is a large, weight-bearing joint that attaches the leg bone to the pelvis. It allows the body to walk, run, and sit. The hip is a very strong structure, but it can still be damaged. When damage to the hip joint or the related structures in the leg occurs, the result can be hip pain that can move from acute to chronic if left untreated.

What are hip pain treatments that could help me?

Hip and leg pain treatments rely on a proper diagnosis that includes the cause of your pain. This allows your pain doctor to design a personalized treatment to address the underlying cause as well as symptoms.

The most common and recommended method for treating hip pain from all causes is staying active. Below are some recommended exercises that you could do at home.

1. Chair stand

2. Knee lift

3. Double hip rotation

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) can help with pain and inflammation when taken as directed, on an as-needed basis.

Intra-articular joint injections are rapidly gaining popularity because of their minimally-invasive nature and long-acting effects. A joint injection may relieve pain by reducing the inflammation and numbing the joint.

The greatest benefit of joint injections is the rapid relief of symptoms that allows you to become active again. When this happens, you can resume your daily activities and work towards long-term healing.

There are many interventional options for treating the underlying causes of your hip pain. The Mild procedure is one example of the latest advancement in interventional pain in treating hip pain caused by spinal stenosis.

With specialized tools, the doctor trims tiny amounts of bones and ligaments that compress your nerve, causing you pain. The Mild procedure takes from 20 minutes to an hour to perform and is done with local anesthesia.

Depending on the specific cause of your hip pain, more treatments may be available. Pain management specialists at Robert G Salazar MD Inc can help diagnose your pain and treat it properly.

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